Regal Thai strives to produce the healthiest, best quality puppies possible. We are always here to support you with questions and concerns for the life of your dog, even if that means taking the dog back into our home until a new home can be found. All of our puppies are well socialized from birth in our indoor, family focused kennel environment and given excellent medical care. Puppies will come home with an AVID microchip ID implanted, paperwork to register the chip for tracking and a care package. We make every effort to ensure our puppies are given the best start in life by using well known and researched socialization techniques and screening our breeding stock for heritable genetic defects. Our puppies are registered with UKC, AKC and FCI. Our goals are to breed for betterment of health, temperament and conformation and to preserve the bloodlines and working abilities of the breed.

All of our puppies are raised in an indoor whelping room. It is climate controlled both by air and by heater inside the box for optimum puppy environment temperature and less stress on mom. (It is less stressful for the dam to not have to expend so much energy to produce the necessary body heat) The room has access to a private kennel run outside for mom’s comfort. Puppies are handled several times daily for socialization and to monitor health.

  Puppy Cam!

Live video feed of our whelping room Enjoy!


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We have no puppies available. Please fill out our application if interested or for our waiting list or contact us through our Facebook Page. We are happy to answer any questions you have and we may know of litters planned by other breeders.

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